Nvision Core - Night vision solution for automotive and drives. Car Van Night Vision small

Night Vision Technology

NVision System is an innovative, passive night vision solution for private and commercial vehicles, designed to improve night driving experience and reduce to minimum chance of an accident.

NVision Core is fitted with a newest generation supersensitive Near-Infrared sensor enhance drivers sight up to 3000m what can give an additional time spot hazards and react in crucial moments. Our devices are also equipped with a high end RainMASTER and ReflexControl technology increasing efficiency during heavy rain and allows drivers to see even when approaching vehicle has high beam lights on.


Safety is priority

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) reports, due to reduced vision over 40% of all road accidents occurs between 7pm and 6am. The drop of visibility at night significantly shorter time to react, break or manoeuvre.

Reduced vision can be a problem, particularly for the older road users. As we grow older, our eyes need over three times more time to adjust to the darkness and recover from quick light changes. In the EU nearly 70% of drivers over 40 years old find driving at night became more difficult and uncomfortable to them.

Vision Solutions for Drivers see at night, night vision


NVision Core

NVision Core V1.5 is our newest and the most advanced universal night vision solution for drivers. We have upgraded  software and reduced size and of the main module making it more convenient t and even more powerful than before. New high resolution 5” LCD display takes less space and Quick-Release magnetic mount makes it more convenient than ever.

Plug-n-Play – with a new light weight design, installation of the NVision Core takes than 30s. All you need to do is to fit main NVision module on the front windscreen, fit display holder and display on the dashboard or windscreen, connect module with the display and plug it – Thats it! OneTouchReady – one click makes NVision Core ready to work in under 5s.


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